Cities of Dust

          Cities of Dust is a living world, 20th Anniversary Edition World of Darkness game. It features most of the "splats" of the World of Darkness.  Dozens of players inhabit the same cities, all struggling to survive the nights as one of the supernatural.
          What sets Cities of Dust apart is the nature of our game.  Things happen parallel to every other character in the game,  with time marching on at a set pace.  Experience is awarded in two ways. The first is by the passage of time.  The second is by awards earned from our STs, for involvement in plots.
          Cities of Dust strives to use technology to enable a game to be played at the players' convenience, but not become dependent on it.  The game is run on a Discord server; it uses this website as a means to provide information to players regarding the settings. A forum assists both players and staff.  There is no special software. Our character storage system is simple.  It's just you, a character (on a custom notepad character sheet), and the simplest tools we can use to make the game easy and enjoyable.
          Cities of Dust is unique among this kind of game, for we strive to allow the full gamut of World of Darkness titles in our setting.  Many of the titles don't have a 20th Anniversary Edition.  In such cases, we use custom edits to the rules, for rules cohesion.  Our Storytellers work as a team, in order to provide a rich, drama-free game, with lots of opportunities to tell great stories set in the Gothic-Punk backdrop that we all love.

          This game is launching with pre-play having taken place, wherein players have contributed, through their characters, to some of the backdrop of the game. This game is starting with one storyteller, but going forward, we're going to be taking on responsible people, who show love and knowledge of the source material, to fill in various storytelling roles. 
          No game is without restrictions, but many of the ones that you'll find on similar games are either non-existent or very relaxed. Afterall, if rules exist for a character type to be played, then, within reason, it should be possible for people to play the character type in question. This doesn't mean that we're going to accept every crazy request, but it does mean that if there's obviously good thought that has gone into something, we'll at least be gracious enough to consider it. 


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